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Commercial Locksmith Services are Important to Secure Your Business written by: marywise Most businesses use different types of locks and at one time of another may need some of them rekeyed or replaced. While an average business owner already knows that expert commercial locksmith Peoria AZ is the best person to call for assistance, many are not sure of all the commercial security related services provided by a commercial locksmith. Therefore, it is important that we briefly outline some of the most common services that a commercial locksmith can provide.

Services provided by a commercial locksmith

To begin with, a commercial locksmith can produce keys and rekey locks on site. The most common reasons for this include lost keys, employee turnover, and change of management or ownership. Mostly, buildings have too many doors with their own keys, so when it comes to simplify things many business owners opt for master key system. A master key system allows a manager or owner to have access to all office areas while limiting others to just their own office. With the help of master key system, a commercial locksmith Peoria AZ can provide both key control and a level of simplicity.

Key control can be an important security concern for some businesses; if you are not sure who owns the key to your office and building, you won’t be able to sleep confidently. Furthermore, key control is not possible until you are sure no unauthorized copies of your keys will be made. The best way of preventing unauthorized duplication of keys is to get your keys stamped “Do Not Duplicate”. If this is not effective, you can ask a commercial locksmith to replace the exterior lock cylinders of all your locks with a restricted keyway variety. It’s a keyway that is registered to just one specific locksmith and nobody else in your area will be able to get the key blanks, thus, it won’t be possible to make copies of keys unless done through your designated commercial locksmith.

Commercial property owners also have issues when their tenants move in an out around the year. There’s no sure way to know how many keys have been issued by a tenant and given out to family members and friends. Therefore, as soon as a tenant vacates the property, you can request a expert commercial locksmith Peoria AZ to rekey locks to prevent access. This will not only secure your property, but make it completely safe for your next tenant.

Commercial locksmith can ensure ADA compliance

ADA compliance is an important and crucial factor for ball public buildings whether it’s a government or a private business operated facility. Laws may vary from state to state, but it’s better to be on the safe side. An expert commercial locksmith Peoria AZ can inform and ugide you towards being ADA compliant. These are just some ways in which a commercial locksmith can assist your business.

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Car Key Making starting at $120 *
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